Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Famous Fete du Pain

Today was a very special day for the center. We were invited to participate at la Fete du Pain, a big event at the train station in Tana, organized by LMM - Les Moulins de Madagascar - a large flour mill in Antsirabe. The objective of the day was to promote flour, and bread, and cakes, and rolls, and baguettes, and croissants, and..... Well you get the picture, right?

You may wonder why such basic products like flour and bread need any special promotion in Madagacar?
General rehearsal, Wednesday 4.35 PM
Well, that is because Madagascar is traditionally a rice-consuming nation. It's rice, rice and rice again here. Three times per day prefarably.

LMM reopened his mill in Antisrabe a few months ago, and to celebrate this event they organized a day with baking demonstrations, speaches, workshops for bakers, and the like.

As I am friends with Mark and Karen Reed, he is the administrateur general de LMM,sometime in June we were brainstorming about this day.  I then proposed that the streetchildren of the Akanifitahiani center could make hand-embroidered sacs a baguette. as a nice give-away for the invitees. They liked the idea, and more even, they asked the children to come and sing some songs, and Alex to make a speach to promote the center.

The Real Deal...this morning Thursday 11.55 AM

So there I am breaking my head over finding a song in French that has anything to do with bread. Then Michel helps my out...Joe Dassin's famous Petit Pain Au Chocolat! Yes, got it. So we rehearse and rehearse. We ven went for general rehearsal on stage yesterday.

Today was the big day. The LMM bus picked up the kids at 11 AM, we dressed them in their LMM caps and t-shirts and went on stage. The sang like nightingales!

And as far as their preference for rice or bread concerns...these pictures speak for themselves!

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