Monday, January 20, 2014

Thank You Generous People in Tana!

Last weekend's first episode of Les Courses du Coeur (Groceries from the Heart) was a huge success!

Most clients who did their shopping at Jumbo or Leader Price have given something to help street and other vulnerable children in Tana. The four beneficiaries are:
  1. Akani Fitahiana's children ( in Akorondrano
  2. Les Graines de Bitume ( 
  3. Grandir Dignement  (www.grandirdignement)- helping children in prisons
  4. Centre Sainte Marie - orphanage in Mamasina
We received hundreds of kilos of rice, boxes full of cooking oil, immense piles of biscuits, milk, sardines, dried beans, pasta, noodles, soap bars, dish liquid etc etc...

Old and young, Malagasy or foreign, rich or poor, everyone gave something!

Thank you also to the sponsors: Telma Foundation, Croustipain, Infinithe

Philippe and me in front of Jumbo Supermarket

Jeremie  is contributing too

Young and old are giving

Two boys making a generous rice donation

Sara Georget of the Green Party is happy with the initiative
that avoids plastic bags too!
This is just a small part of the collections, in 6 supermarkets at the same time

Boxes full of food

Vivianne of Telma Foundation worked tirelessly

Monday, January 13, 2014

Les Courses du Coeur, or Groceries from the Heart!

This weekend a whole bunch of us volunteers are going to collect donations from clients of Jumbo Score and Leader Price, two prime supermarkets in Tana.

Shoppers can make a donation for three different project that work with street and other vulnerable children.
Items asked for include:
- rice, sugar, oil, dry beans, salt, biscuits, soap.

For those in Tana, give generously!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Merry X-mas and Happy New Year children!

Thanks to a great donation by the Soroptimistes - a women's group in Tana, 300 children had a great christmas party. All girls got a barbie kit, and the boys a truck. A goodie bag with JB chips and biscuits followed by a festive meal - sponsored by Telma Foundation, made the party complete!

Thanks all  staff, volunteers and sponsors!

Click for more photos courtesy of Heidi Yanulis