Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Akany Fitahiana receives 1.6 million Ariary from American School Antananarivo

After a succesful food fair, organized by the PTO (Parent - Teacher Organization) of the American School of Antananarivo (ASA), the center received a generous donation of 1.600.000 Ariary. The money will be spent on teacher's salaries and rice: the most essential running costs.

Alex and one of the teachers, Miora, receiving the cheque from Jennifer, board member of ASA

p.s. 1.6 million Ariary is about 580 euro or 820 USD!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

A Field Trip with Teachers and Children

By: Fide, 12 years (translated by Susanne).

We went on a fields trip yesterday. Mr Alex asked us to come along. We got a ride with Madame Susanne in the car. The road was bumpy, we laughed a lot.

About 80 ducklings are growing up to become ducks. 

Then we came to the village. Mr Alex showed us the caneton project (ducklings). The lady opened the door of the duck house, and woooshhh, they all came out waggling. There are 79 ducks now, from the 120 ducklings that Mr Alex bought. The ducks will lay eggs and we can eat them.

Then we took a boat to cross the river. I was scared because I can not swim. We had a picknick. The Chinese lady had made 'dumplings', we had never tasted before. It was very nice.

A scary boat ride as most can not swim

Alex handing out dumplings made by Hasi. I am the child in middle with blue jacket
1/3 of these beans are for centre, 1/3 for the rural families and 1/3 for seeds