Monday, August 22, 2011

SOS - Fire Destroyed 110 Homes near the Center

A very very sad thing happened last week night Thursday. There was a big fire in the township of  Andranomahery in Ankorondrano neigborhood where the center is located. Out of the 110 houses, 90 have been destroyed, leaving 700 people without a roof, of which 500 children. Some of those children are part of the center. Some of the parents are host-parents of the orphaned children

The community is helping with some tents, but there is an enormous need for day to day objects like food, clothes, mattresses, blankets, kitchen utensils, buckets etc.  

Alex and the staff of the center are raising cash and kind to help out. 

Your donation would be very welcome...I have not yet seen the disaster as I am still in Belgium, but we'll go by the end of this week to see and assess the situation.

On behalf of the center, Alex and the children
T H  A N  K     Y  O  U

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